Meet the Messly Team

Hi, I'm Abrar

I’m an Anaesthetics Registrar, who started Messly in 2016 with my friend Chris.

As a doctor myself, I saw that more of us want to step off the treadmill of training to explore more diverse careers and work more flexibly.

Many doctors want to enjoy the flexibility and control of locum work. But finding locum work can feel daunting and frustrating for doctors. Many are nervous about getting started. And there’s a constant worry that you’re missing out on better paid, more rewarding, or more convenient locums.

So, we set up Messly’s locum-finding service. It’s a faster, simpler and more transparent way to find locum work, that has become THE way that doctors find locums.

It helps you find the best paid, most rewarding and most convenient locums, keeping you in control throughout. To find out more and get started, click here

Meet the team
Dr Abrar Gundroo

Abrar is an Anaesthetics Registrar, and now the tech guru for Messly. He makes sure the Messly app has all the bells and whistles that doctors need to find your perfect locum.

Christopher Kurwie

Chris looks after the commercial and marketing efforts at Messly. He helps to bring the best agencies and jobs onto Messly and gets the word out about our service. He's loves a spreadsheet and is also Abrar's best mate!

Tara Wallace-Senior
Client Engagement Director

Tara uses her 20 years of recruitment experience to look after all the agencies, companies and recruiters who use Messly. She coaching and supports them to get the most from our service.

Katie Hitchcock
Doctor Success & Administration

Katie cares most about making sure that doctors have a great experience using Messly from start to finish. She brings a wealth of experience from the childcare sector. Look out for her in your inbox!

Dr Amelia White
Clinical Lead

Amelia is now in her F5 year, and is passionate about supporting doctors to have successful and happy lives outside of training. She uses her knowledge and experience to create create blogs and other content for doctors.

Emma Dryden
Finance & Operations

Emma is our in-house finance and operations guru. She's a whiz on spreadsheets and keeps track of all finances behind the scenes.

Nemanja Simunovic

Nemanja makes sure all the cogs are turning in the background. It's the less glamorous but vital stuff that keeps everything ticking over and runs smoothly at Messly HQ.

Gemma Shayle
Finances & Accounts

Gemma is our talented accountant that makes sure the numbers at Messly all add up and every penny is accounted for! She is an expert in helping your companies with their finances.

Robbie Westacott
Content Writer

Robbie works closely with our marketing team to write articles for the Messly blog. He has a talent for writing accurate, engaging and informative articles on a wide-range of topics.