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Messly is a game-changer for finding locums. I got 3 job offers within 24 hours of signing up!
Trusted by 6k+ doctors
Trusted by 6k+ doctors

The best rated service for locum doctors

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Hi, I'm Abrar 👋

I'm a British doctor, who started Messly in 2016 with my friend Chris to support UK doctors to have more fulfilling careers. We're stoked to bring our services to Australian doctors 🇦🇺 🚀

As a doctor I've experienced the challenges of finding the right locum work. I know how it feels to miss out on better paid, more rewarding, or more convenient locums, or just worry about getting started.

Messly is a faster, simpler and more transparent way to find locum work. By giving you choice and putting the power in your hands, you get better paid, more rewarding, and more convenient locums.

Our service has been trusted by over 12,000 locum doctors and is rated five stars by doctors on Trustpilot.

Dr Abrar Gundroo, Anaesthetics Registrar

The new and better way to find locums

Without Messly

Take a chance on one or two agencies. Can be slow, inefficient and with variable success

No visibility on jobs and rates before joining
Limited access to locums depending on your agency
Unknown quality of recruiters and agencies
Frequent phone calls, often unsolicited
Slow registration and paperwork process

Using Messly for locums

Access the whole locum market from one place, with control throughout

See all jobs and rates upfront before registering
Access to the whole locum agency market, in one place
Only work with trusted agencies, with ratings from doctors
Stay anonymous until you're ready to share contact details
Store and share all your registration documents online

Choice of jobs

All of best Aussie locum agencies compete for you on Messly. You see what shifts they have upfront. More choice means higher rates, less travel and better rotas.

Trusted agencies

We've selected the best-rated, most reliable agencies. See ratings from doctors before you speak to them, so you only work with the best.

Personalised to you

Set your locum wishlist on Messly, and only see jobs matched exactly to your needs. No spam, no time-wasting and a personalised service for you.

Hassle-free & easy

Manage the process from website or mobile app, and use our Docs service to register with agencies quickly. Nifty tech built to save you time.

The best agencies compete for you on Messly

Handpicked agencies only

We only work with the best-rated and trusted agencies, selected based on doctor feedback. We make them follow a strict code of conduct to ensure they provide a great service.

Strict Code of Conduct

We're created a safe, trusted space to find locum work. Agencies follow a strict code of conduct to ensure they provide a great service. Any breaches and the agencies are banned.

Support from the Messly team

Our team is at hand to help if you have issues or disputes. We'll help to resolve your queries and support you throughout.

How we find you the perfect locum

We make finding locum work faster and simpler and give you more control.
Step 1

Tell us what locums you want

Set your locum wishlist on your Messly profile, which states exactly what locums you want. Then only see locum jobs matched exactly to those needs. No spam, no time-wasting and a personalised service for you.
Your Personalised Profile
Your profile on Messly includes your minimum hourly rate, how far you'll travel, your start date, preferred specialty and much more. It takes less than 5 minutes and helps you get exactly what you're looking for.
Stay Anonymous
We only include your first name on your profile. Only share your full name, AHPRA number or any contact details when you're ready with agencies you've selected.
Privacy First
Only recruiters from agencies that are vetted and approved by Messly can see your profile, so you don't need to worry about your colleagues or current hospital coming across it.
Step 2

Get matched with locums near you

Agencies contact you through Messly, offering specific locum jobs upfront which are tailored to your locum wishlist. You manage all your conversation from your Messly Inbox, and don't share your personal details until you're sure that you want to go ahead. You can turn off your Messly profile any time, and nobody can contact you.
Your Recommended Jobs Feed
See a personalised recommendation. We match your jobs based on your grade, specialties, location, pay-rates and grades.
See Available Locums, Up Front
Agencies have to mention specific vacancies they have when they message you. No more vague promises of work that don't materalise. Most doctors will get multiple offers on the day they make their profile.
Reviews & Ratings
See reviews and ratings of agencies and recruiters written by verified doctors who have worked with the agency. No more guessing if you've chosen the right agency.
Step 3

Register and start working quickly and hassle-free

Our Docs service helps you save time registering with locum agencies, so you can start working quickly and without hassle. Learn what registration documents you need to provide, store them in one place and share with locum agencies in one click. Doctors who used Docs registered 70% faster with locum agencies.
Get compliant quickly
Docs gives you a central hub for your registration documents. You can learn about what you need, upload them to one place and share them instantly with locum agencies with one-click.
Register with multiple agencies
We've designed Docs to help you quickly register quickly with several locum agencies and avoid you having to repeat the same processes. Once you've added your documents, just hit share button and they will be instantly sent over to your preferred locum agencies.
Your medical document shoebox
No more digging around email attachments and old folders. All your documents are securely stored in the cloud and can be easily accessed at any time from your computer or phone.
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